maanantai 27. toukokuuta 2013

hello AGAIN

Yeah it's been a while, but I have some good news: I GET THAT FUCKING TICKET !!! I mean the GazettE's concert. So i can't wait !!! 
Anyway i'm so happy i have two new blackmoral shirts !!! 
Thx to my lovely friend !!!

I can't believe that now i have this NLSG -shirt. Wtf like really, i have been dreaming this shirt and BOOM now i have it. So happy !!! (Ofc i love that other shirt too !!!)

It's have been week or two? (Whatever...) So my bro visited Tampere so here some pictures:


My lovely Vonnes !!!

And my new character Feraqueik with Fenris. 

Almost the end but i have to share one fucking thing wit you:

WHAT THE FUCK, WHY !?!?! OH MY GOD !! I'm not complaining, i'm only fucking happy !! Thx Kaolu !!!

Yeah, this is short post but i do not manage to do longer post because i was fighting with this blog. As you can see my blog has new "outfit"

Anyway thanks for reading, if anyone even read my blog anymore heheh :------D

maanantai 8. huhtikuuta 2013


As the title say, i do not have really much to say. There is only ONE thing that i do want to scream;
And ofc i'm going !!! (if i get ticket....)

I stress already what i'm going to wear and how i'm gonna do my hair and what shoes are good?!? Even i do not have ticket yet...

Anyway i bought new earrings and now my ear looks better, or so i think...

Two outfits, from last week i guess.

These 4 song re something shnfslmxövg (+the GazettE:s REQUIRED MALFUNCTION and Ibitsu)

Looking stupid  (•^•) !!!!

Bwahaha, Musu buying oranges. (Oh god do i really just used google translate to know what is appelsiini in english, like real  (•^•) !?!?!?!)

My beautiful smile, not  (•^•) !!!!

(Oh i almost forgot i get iPhone 4 so i'm going to tweet like crazy, if you guys want to follow me, my nick in twitter is: @VenomousRogu )

Woohoo i did this shit, i'm so proud of myself !!! I hope you guys like this post !!!

Sorry too lazy and tired to fix the typos...if there are any.

sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013


So Tampere Kuplii is behind and i have good feeling. It was nice to see so much nice people and ofc talk about Gazette and other fun stuff !! Thank you guys !!

Today's face. My hair was fine before i went out sdjjxbhfns wind, i love you !! NOT

Me and Riki.

Me and Riki II.

Wohoo coffee. Yay

Watching Vortex alone. LILIU, some of you guys now...hahaha Ruki's engrisu.

Yesterday's face and hair.

Without make up 8( (Dirty mirror, sorry)

Oh god i'm so in love that WACK as you guys can see, it's hard to wear anything else !! This is so quick post, like really i'm so sure that this post is full of typos, sorry about that. (And as always i'm too lazy to fix them)

But well that's it.

Thx for reading !!

lauantai 16. maaliskuuta 2013


I'm so so so happy, fucking WACK !!!
Oh god, i hope that i can see them soon !!!(I'm talking about GazettE) When i checked MELT's setlist oh god i was going to die so good good good good. I wish i could be there but anyway, I'm so proud of them.

SERIOUS (today's look)


Leave a comment if you manage to do that, thank you !!

(I know that this post is short one....)

maanantai 11. maaliskuuta 2013


So I wanted to start over, because I think this is good. 
I try to blog more often, but this maybe will be "quick post blog". But even if this become something like keep in mind that however I like to do this shit !!

But anyway for you who don't know me:
I'm just Rogu who is crazy j-rock fan. (particularly the GazettE and MEJIBRAY)   And I'm fucking huge Ruki fan !!
   I like to blog but I'm bit lazy...I'm also huge gamer, I really like to play particularly RPG. I do not really know what to write here...become a reader if you want to know !!

My look in this moment, without sunglasses though...